Flamingo Badge | Wilderness Explorers

Flamingo Badge | at the Flamingos on Discovery Island


Wilderness Explorers and Scouts study many creatures in the wild. Flamingos live in large groups called colonies and it can be difficult to tell them apart. Ask the WE Troop Leader to show you some photos of the flamingos living at the Animal Kingdom, identify them for your badge.

Scouts may also want to


Let’s Explore! the Animal Kingdom. During your Walt Disney World vacation, earn Wilderness Explorer badges for your handbook by visiting the badge locations throughout the park and completing the instructions for each activity.

When you complete 5 badges, earn your Tadpole Badge. Complete 10 badges, earn the Minnow Badge. Complete 20 badges, earn your Fish Badge. Once all 30 badges have been completed, you’ll be a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

You do not need to complete all of the activities during one visit – save your handbook for your next trip.

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