Cub Scout

Cub Scout activities to earn and reinforce scouting adventures & electives while on your Walt Disney World vacation.

Scouting WDW treasures the Cub Scout values and opportunities for young guys ages 7 – 10.  Throughout these pages, you’ll find many ways to incorporate scouting during your Walt Disney World vacation – making it easy to earn or reinforce the adventures and electives your scout is working so hard to accomplish!  If you are already going to Disney – it’s likely you will plan to do many of these activities anyway – so mark them down, let your den leader know and earn those loops, badges, pins and patches while scouting with the mouse!

TigerScout Tiger Core Adventures           Tiger Elective Adventures

WolfScout Wolf Core Adventures            Wolf Elective Adventures

BearScout Bear Core Adventures            Bear Elective Adventures

WebelosScout Webelos Core Adventures AOLScout  Arrow of Light Core Adventures

Webelos & AOL Elective Adventures