Webelos & AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut

Webelos & AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut

Complete 1–5 and any two from 6–10.
1. State the safety precautions you need to take before doing any water
2. Recognize the purpose and the three classifications of swimming
ability groups in Scouting.
3. Discuss the importance of learning the skills you need to know before
going boating.
4. Explain the meaning of “order of rescue” and demonstrate the reach
and throw rescue techniques from land.
5. Attempt the BSA swimmer test.
6. Demonstrate the precautions you must take before attempting to dive
head first into the water, and attempt a front surface dive.
7. Learn and demonstrate two of the following strokes: crawl,
sidestroke, breaststroke, or trudgen.
8. Invite a member or former member of a lifeguard team, rescue squad,
the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, or other armed forces branch who
has had swimming and rescue training to your den meeting. Find out
what training and other experiences this person has had.
9. Demonstrate how to correctly fasten a life jacket that is the right size
for you. Jump into water over your head. Show how the life jacket
keeps your head above water by swimming 25 feet. Get out of the
water, remove the life jacket and hang it where it will dry.
10. If you are a qualified swimmer, select a paddle of the proper size and
paddle a canoe with an adult’s supervision.

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Webelos & AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut

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