Disney Family Tree & Crest

Disney Family Tree & Crest

Scouts who need to complete a family tree for an adventure elective requirement or a Merit Badge requirement should start with their name and include at least two additional generations. While completing a family tree, parents and scouts can discuss the history, traditions, and culture of their family heritage.

My Family Tree for the Core Value: Faith

Faith means having inner strength and confidence based on trust in a higher power. Understanding one’s family tree, ancestors, and heritage brings stories to life of the strength and confidence of our family members. It also tells of their belief and trust in a higher power to help bring them safely to the United States. In years past, many immigrants traveled by boat. What faith they had in that boat that would change their lives!  Courtesy April 2013 Cub Scout Meeting Guide


Want a little more Disney magic?  Use the Disney coat of arms found above Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland as inspiration for creating your own coat of arms.

Would your scout like a copy of the Disney inspired Family Tree ? Request a PDF copy here:

Cub Scout: Faith

Cub Scout: Faith

During your Walt Disney World vacation, your scout will have the opportunity to practice his faith as you plan for your vacation, while traveling to WDW, dining at the restaurants, and visiting the parks.

Throughout the Cub Scout ranks, there are many Faith goals built into the adventures including

  • Beginning to strengthen their faith together with other family members
  • Learning about individuals who have demonstrated fellowship, and creating plans to help us develop characteristics that will benefit our community
  • Learning about what duty to God means to you and your family.
  • Observing different ways a person can be reverent
  • Practicing one’s religion—walking the “footsteps”—shows reverence and duty to God.
  • Religious freedom is one of the founding principles of our country, and Scouting honors that freedom.
  • Showing our duty to God by participating in service projects designed to help a neighbor or community organization
  • We should show reverence for those of great faith who came before us.
  • With their adult partner, discovering their family’s faith
  • Worshipping together to strengthen our faith in God
A Scout is reverent.

Scouting WDW

Scouting with the mouse ideas – practice your faith while:

Planning for your Disney World Resort & Park Visit

Traveling to Walt Disney World

    Dining at Disney World Restaurants

      Visiting Disney World Parks


      Related Cub Scout Adventure Electives:
      • Tiger Core Adventure: My Family’s Duty to God

      This adventure will help Tigers understand what duty to God means in Scouting, and also what it means for them and their families.

      • Wolf Core Adventure: Duty to God Footsteps

      This adventure will help each Wolf Scout develop a consistent awareness of his duty to God. He will also explore ways that he can practice his family’s beliefs as part of living out his duty to God.

      • Bear Core Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to God

      To practice their duty to God, Bear Scouts will have opportunities in this adventure to be good neighbors, reaching out in fellowship to people in their communities. They will experience the universal principle, common to many religions, that we should treat others the way we want to be treated.

      • Webelos Core Adventure: Duty to God and You

      A Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion. The BSA Statement of Religious Principle “maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.” This adventure provides each Webelos Scout an opportunity to learn about and practice his religious faith.

      • AOL Core Adventure: Duty to God in Action

      A Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.

      We are working on a ScoutingWDW eBook – signup to be notified when it’s ready!

      Religious Freedom and the American Adventure

      Religious Freedom and the American Adventure

      The American Adventure Pavilion and feature attraction takes guests on a trip through America’s history. The 30 minute show chronicles Americas illustrious past and promising future through audio-animatronics, film and music.

      Beginning with the landing of the Mayflower, watch and see how the American ideals ~ Freedom, Innovation, Independence, and Compassion precipitated more key events like the Boston Tea Party, the winter at Valley Forge, the penning of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, industrialization and the Great Depression. Along the way, you’ll also meet inspiring Americans:

      Susan B. Anthony
      Alexander Graham Bell
      Chief Joseph
      Frederick Douglass
      Thomas Jefferson
      John F. Kennedy
      Martin Luther King Jr.
      Will Rogers
      Teddy Roosevelt

      The American Adventure Pavilion also includes:

      • quotes from famous Americans
      • paintings of American life throughout history
      • the Hall of Flags exhibit, a display of the different flags throughout U.S. history 
      More Pilgrim references in the American Pavilion, Epcot

      The Pilgrims were among the first Americans to look for religious freedom.

      Seeds of Hope | Painting This painting portrays a Native American teaching the Plymouth Pilgrims how to plant corn.

      Freedom | Pilgrim Statue Statues personifying various American ideals are located throughout The American Adventure theatre.

      Cars-inspired Tracking Chart

      Cars-inspired Tracking Chart


      Use this Cars-inspired weekly calendar as a checklist or tracking chart when completing weekly or monthly activities.

      Download the PDF chart from the Disney Family website here.

      Materials & Instructions
      • Regular paper or cardstock
      • 3-hole punch
      • Pen or pencil
      1. Print out the chart on regular paper or cardstock.
      2. Fill in your topics on the left and enter each day’s assignment/goal under the corresponding day of the week.
      3. Check off each day as you complete the assignment or meet the goal.
      This tracking chart may be helpful for these adventures:

      Church Services at Disney?

      Church Services at Disney?


      Would your family like to incorporate family worship and church services into your vacation planning? While Disney does not regularly offer on property church services, there are a variety of ways your scouting family may worship while on vacation.

      Attend a local church service

      An excellent choice would be Trinity Christian Center, a non-denominational, Bible believing fellowship of Christians, which meets in the Theater of Life (inside the Temple building) in the center of the park. Services begin at 10:30 AM.  Please note: The Holy Land Experience exhibits are closed on Sundays.

      A list of area churches and denominations is available here.

      Private family worship

      While on vacation, consider having private family worship time. A simple private service may include reading from the Bible, singing a favorite family hymn and prayer.

      In your Disney resort room, you will find a Bible placed by Gideons International, each member of the family could take turns sharing their favorite Bible verses.

      If your vacation time happens while your scout is completing their faith core adventure, consider using this workbook to plan a simple service with a scouting twist. Please note the size of the workbook and only print pages as needed.

      Faith Core Adventure requirements:

      During the Holidays

      Disney traditionally offers church services in the Fantasia Ballroom at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for Easter and Christmas.

      There are usually three services, a Catholic Mass at 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m and a Protestant service at 9:00 a.m. Please check with your resort concierge to verify times and locations.

      AOL Adventure: Duty to God in Action

      AOL Adventure: Duty to God in Action

      1. Earn the religious emblem of your faith for Webelos Scouts, if you have not already done so.
      2. Do requirement 2a and any two from 2b–2e:
        1. With your religious leader, parent, or guardian, discuss and make a plan to do two things you think will help you get closer to God. Do these things for a month.
        2. Create an activity to share with your family that shows what character-building traits your religious beliefs have in common with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
        3. For at least a month, pray or reverently meditate each day as taught by your family or faith group.
        4. Read at least two accounts of people in history who have done their duty to God. (This can include family members and ancestors.) List their names and how they showed their duty to God.
        5. Under the direction of your religious leader, parent, or guardian, do an act of service for someone in your family, neighborhood, or religious community. Talk about your service with your family and your Webelos den leader. Tell your family, den, or den leader how it made you feel.

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      Webelos Adventure: Duty to God and You

      Webelos Adventure: Duty to God and You

      Do either requirement 1 OR requirement 2.
      1. Earn the religious emblem of your faith for Webelos Scouts, if you have not already done so.
      2. Complete at least three of requirements 2a–2d:
      a. Help plan, support, or actively participate in a service of worship or reflection. Show reverence during the service.
      b. Review with your family or den members what you have learned about your duty to God.
      c. Discuss with your family, family’s faith leader, or other trusted adult how planning and participating in a service of worship or reflection helps you live your duty to God.
      d. List one thing that will bring you closer to doing your duty to God, and practice it for one month. Write down what you will do each day to remind you.

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      Bear Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to God

      Bear Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to God

      Do either requirement 1 OR requirement 2.
      1. Earn the religious emblem of your faith.
      2. Complete 2a and at least two of requirements 2b–2d.
      2a. Working with a parent or guardian, spiritual advisor, or religious leader, provide service to help a place of worship or spiritual community, school, community organization, or chartered organization
      that puts into practice your ideals of duty to God and strengthens your fellowship with others.
      2b. Identify a person whose faith and duty to God you admire, and discuss this person with your family
      2c. Make a list of things you can do to practice your duty to God as you are taught in your home or place of worship or spiritual community. Select two of the items, and practice them for two weeks.
      2d. Attend a religious service, den or pack meeting

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      Wolf Adventure: Duty to God Footsteps

      Wolf Adventure: Duty to God Footsteps

      1.  Do both of these:
        1. Visit a religious monument or site where people might show reverence.
        2. Create a visual display of your visit with your den or your family, and show how it made you feel reverent or strengthened your faith in God.
      2.  Complete two of the requirements a through d.
        1. Give two ideas on how you can practice your faith. Choose one, and do it for a week.
        2. Read a story about people or groups of people who came to America to enjoy religious freedom.
        3. Learn and sing a song that could be sung as prayer before or after meals or one that gives encouragement, reminds you of how to show reverence, or demonstrates your duty to God.
        4. Offer a prayer with your family, den or pack.


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      Tiger Adventure: My Family’s Duty to God

      Tiger Adventure: My Family’s Duty to God

      Complete requirement 1 and at least two from requirements 2–4.
      1. With your adult partner, find out what duty to God means to your family.
      2. Find out what makes each member of your family special.
      3. With your family, make a project that shows your family’s beliefs about God.
      4. Participate in a worship experience or activity with your family.


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