Cub Scout: Plants & Wildlife

Cub Scout: Plants & Wildlife

During your Walt Disney World vacation, your scout will have the opportunity to dig more into plants & wildlife as you plan for your vacation, while traveling to WDW, dining at the restaurants, and visiting the parks.

Throughout the Cub Scout ranks, there are many plant & wildlife goals built into the adventures including:

  • Being knowledgeable, responsible, and comfortable in the outdoors
  • Going fishing and having a hands-on experience to apply all the Bears have learned
  • Knowing it’s never too early to understand our animal and insect neighbors
  • Learning about the creatures and plants that share our living world
  • Learning about the types of fish near the Scouts’ homes
  • Learning how to observe and listen carefully
  • Learning how to protect the environment
  • Learning important life skills
  • Learning what the fish eat, how they can be caught, and how we can conserve and preserve our fish by using the concept of catch-and-release fishing
  • Practicing service to the community and the world
  • Practicing ways to conserve in the world around us
  • Taking care of plants and the environment
  • Understanding different types of equipment and making simple fishing tackle
  • Understanding our interconnection with the plant world
  • Working in teams
A Scout is thrifty, kind, clean and reverent while practicing plants & wildlife skills.

Scouting WDW

Scouting with the mouse ideas – practice home & family goals while:

Planning for your Disney World Resort & Park Visit

    Traveling to Walt Disney World

      Dining at Disney World Restaurants

        Visiting Disney World Parks


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