Cub Scout: Plants & Wildlife

Cub Scout: Plants & Wildlife

During your Walt Disney World vacation, your scout will have the opportunity to dig more into plants & wildlife as you plan for your vacation, while traveling to WDW, dining at the restaurants, and visiting the parks.

Throughout the Cub Scout ranks, there are many plant & wildlife goals built into the adventures including:

  • Being knowledgeable, responsible, and comfortable in the outdoors
  • Going fishing and having a hands-on experience to apply all the Bears have learned
  • Knowing it’s never too early to understand our animal and insect neighbors
  • Learning about the creatures and plants that share our living world
  • Learning about the types of fish near the Scouts’ homes
  • Learning how to observe and listen carefully
  • Learning how to protect the environment
  • Learning important life skills
  • Learning what the fish eat, how they can be caught, and how we can conserve and preserve our fish by using the concept of catch-and-release fishing
  • Practicing service to the community and the world
  • Practicing ways to conserve in the world around us
  • Taking care of plants and the environment
  • Understanding different types of equipment and making simple fishing tackle
  • Understanding our interconnection with the plant world
  • Working in teams
A Scout is thrifty, kind, clean and reverent while practicing plants & wildlife skills.

Scouting WDW

Scouting with the mouse ideas – practice home & family goals while:

Planning for your Disney World Resort & Park Visit

    Traveling to Walt Disney World

      Dining at Disney World Restaurants

        Visiting Disney World Parks


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          Wolf Elective Adventure: Grow Something

          Wolf Elective Adventure: Grow Something

          1. Select a seed, and plant it in a small container. Care for it for 30 days. Take a picture or make a drawing of your plant once each week to share with your den.
          2. Find out the growing zone for your area, and share the types of plants that will grow best in your zone.
          3. Visit or research a botanical or community garden in your area, and learn about two of the plants that grow there. Share what you have learned with your den.
          4. Make a terrarium.
          5. Do one of the following:
          a. Using a seed tray, grow a garden inside your home. Keep a journal of its progress for 30 days. Share the results with your den.
          b. Grow a sweet potato plant in water. Keep a journal of its growth for two weeks. Share it with your den.


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          Behind the Seeds – Epcot Tour

          Behind the Seeds – Epcot Tour

          Disney offers a behind the scenes tour of the Living with the Land attraction in Epcot’s Future World.  Behind the Seeds is a kid-friendly, interactive journey back stage in The Land Pavilion living laboratories.

          Scouts visiting this agricultural exhibition will interact with amazing plants, insects and fish—and even see American alligators.  On this fun yet educational walk through the hydroponic greenhouses participants will:

          • Talk a short “hike” around the greenhouse.
          • Visit the fish farm during feeding time.
          • Release ladybugs into the greenhouse to help protect the plants.
          • View gigantic fruits and vegetables and unusual crops from around the world.