Cub Scout: Home & Family

Cub Scout: Home & Family

During your Walt Disney World vacation, your scout will have the opportunity to practice his home & family skills as you plan for your vacation, while traveling to WDW, dining at the restaurants, and visiting the parks.

Throughout the Cub Scout ranks, there are many Home & Family goals built into the adventures including:

  • Appreciating diversity and each Scout’s unique family heritage
  • Being observant
  • Building skills
  • Developing confidence, and encouraging bravery and patience
  • Developing patience and perseverance as they train their pets
  • Following directions
  • Home repair knowledge and skills
  • Learning some basics about project planning (selecting a project, evaluating what is needed, choosing the proper type of wood, etc.)
  • Learning the benefits of having loyal pets and being loyal to them in return
  • Motor skills
  • Showing creativity and artistic skills with the final project
  • Showing respect and kindness for animals
  • Understanding basic tools and tool safety
  • Using math skills while measuring
  • Working with wood to create a project
A Scout is trustworthy, helpful, courteous, obedient, and kind while practicing home & family skills.


Plan a family or scout pack/troop camping trip to Walt Disney World.

Scouting WDW

Scouting with the mouse ideas – practice home & family goals while:

Planning for your Disney World Resort & Park Visit

Traveling to Walt Disney World

Dining at Disney World Restaurants

Visiting Disney World Parks


Related Cub Scout Adventure Electives:
• Tiger Core Adventure: Team Tiger

• Tiger Elective Adventure: Family Stories

This adventure will help Tigers learn about their families and their heritage.

• Bear Elective Adventure: Baloo the Builder

Learning to work with wood to create fun and useful items is a good skill for anyone to have. This adventure will expose the Bear Scout to the safe and proper use of hand tools, how to determine the correct type of wood for a project, and how to construct an item. The adventure also offers a good opportunity to bring parents of the Scouts or other adults with woodworking skills into the den setting, asking them to help with some of the technical aspects. This adventure can also serve as an introduction to the Boy Scout Woodworking merit badge offered.

• Bear Elective Adventure: Critter Care

Bear Scouts will learn how caring for a pet fosters responsibility and offers a sense of companionship that they can nurture and cherish throughout their lives. This adventure also gives them an opportunity to learn about the many ways animals return the favor and assist people in need.

• Webelos / AOL Elective Adventure: Build It

This adventure can assist Webelos Scouts as they develop building and motor skills, tool knowledge, and good safety practices. It also helps them gain appreciation for several forms of craftsmanship.

• Webelos / AOL Elective Adventure: Fix It

This adventure will help Scouts develop their motor skills and increase their knowledge of tools and safety procedures. Each boy will gain the confidence he needs to react properly and help out if certain home or auto repairs are needed.

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Tiger Adventure: Team Tiger

Tiger Adventure: Team Tiger 

List the different teams of which you are a part.
2. With your den, make a den job chart that shows everyone doing something to help.
– As one of the den jobs, lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a den meeting.
3. Pick two chores you will do at home once a week for a month.
4. Make a chart to show three ways that members of your Tiger team are different from each other.
5. Do an activity to help your community or neighborhood team.

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Get ready, Get set, Pack!

Kids Packing List for Disney


Preparing and Packing for your Disney vacation together is a fantastic way to complete a requirement where your family works together!

Talk about things that should happen around your home before you leave on vacation:

  • Take out the garbage/trash.
  • Clean all of the dishes in the kitchen.
  • Make your bed and clean your room.

First, create your packing list. 

A Scout’s list may include:


  • Clothes for each day of trip
  • Sneakers / Sandals / Flipflops
  • Swimsuit / Towel / Sunscreen / Pool Toy
  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Floss
  • Special Toy or Stuffed Animal / Autograph book
  • Spending Money
  • _______________________

Then, match up shirts, shorts, socks, etc for each day of your vacation.  Place in gallon size zip-lock bag – now getting ready each morning is a snap!

Gather the items from your packing list and with your Akelas help, pack them in your suitcase for your trip.

Reading about Walt Disney World

Many Scouts earn requirement and electives through research and reading…why not make it fun!

There are several terrific biographies about Walt Disney and his Imagineers.  Explore Walt’s early years living on a farm to his first apprenticeship as a cartoonist and onto his dreams for the ‘world’ that becomes his legacy.

Click here for kid friendly Walt Disney Biographies

 Have Scouts help plan your family vacation!

Include Scouts in the planning process – give them a guide book especially geared for them.